Flax Yarn

Polished linen yarn, traditionally known as "Fio do Norte" or candle yarn, is a natural yarn used for packaging, footwear industry and meat industry.

It is a yarn with a natural and organic texture and appearance, being recognized as one of the most traditional and resistant yarns for all kinds of uses.



Various applications
Organic look and texture


technical specifications

Thickness: No. 2 - 2,5mm, No.4 - 2mm, No.6 - 1,75mm, No.8 - 1,5mm, No.10 - 1,25mm, No.12 - 1mm, No.32 - 0,5mm

Colors: natural
Presentation: ball of 50g and 100g, coil of 250g and 500g



Packaging, shoe industry, meat industry