Baker twine Cotton Yarn

Baker twine is a classic cotton yarn, which was usually used in old drugstores or pastries to wrap products.

It is the perfect solution for packaging and decoration, such as craft projects, decorating ideas, gift wrapping or crochet.

The baker twine yarn is soft to the touch, due to its construction of 9 or 12 yarns with 100% recycled cotton, making it also a yarn with good resistance.

We offer 41 color variations, with single color yarns, two colors, three or all according to customer preference.



Various packaging and decoration applications
Soft touch
100% recycled cotton
9 or 12 threads construction


technical specifications

Construction: 9 or 12 threads
Thickness: 1,7 mm and 2,3 mm, approximately

Colors: simple color and varied color combinations
Presentation: 200gr coil, 1 kg coil or 50gr balls (10 units)



Decoration, packaging and handicrafts