Enfios is a recent company based in 2007 in Cortegaça, Ovar, which originates from the former Cordoaria Vicente R. De Oliveira, S. A. Cordage, from whom it acquired part of its machinery along with its production know-how.

Though recently established in the market, this firm employs experienced personnel in its field of work, which contributes to an efficient production, key to its own equilibrium and business flowing.

We’re specialized and involved in the meat packing, construction, indoor and outdoor design markets, constantly seeking new and better solutions regarding the final consumer’s satisfaction.

With quality in mind, part of our products today are subject to laboratory tests, where the product’s surroundings, microbiological substances (mainly when it involves food related products), as well as the fiber’s density and resistance are regularly tested.

We regard the supplying of our clients as an exciting challenge, and therefore, we are always available for further consultations, samples, tables, suggestions...

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