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Sisal yarn: With 1 to 4 cables - coils from 0,5Kg to 1,0Kg (1.1lbs to 2.2lbs)
Sisal rope with 6mm to 20mm (0.24 to 0.84 inches)
Raw sisal.
Raffia yarn: Coils of 1Kg (2.2lbs), with 280m to 1.400m (919 to 4593 feet)
For chairs (green/beige)
For chairs (beige)
Raffia rope with 8mm and plus
Polyethylene yarn: Coil of thin rope with 3mm or 6mm  (0.12 or 0.24 inches) weighing 1Kg or 5Kg (2.2lbs or 11lbs)
Roll of rope with 8mm to 18mm (0.36 to 0.72 inches)
PT1 twine coils with 250g (0.25lbs) (colors) - "Plumb Line"
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